February 4 2014
Hello Rob,
My D.R.E.A.M. Machine arrived yesterday all safe and undamaged. I just wanted to let you know that I am super happy with the weight and quality of this machine, it has been a long wait but I definitely think it was worth it.
Cheers and thankyou
Wendy J
January 25 2015
It really was worth the wait. Thank you for such a wonderful machine…I can’t believe how much better my clay is with this new machine. I just love using it—although it is a little tough on my shoulder. Good exercise. Photo below of my first work for Valentine’s Day hot off your DREAM machine. Thank you.
Karen J

January 8 2015
Hi there. I wanted to thank you for sending the Dream Machine as priority and show you the cane I made this morning. There is no way I could have conditioned so much clay in such a short time without that machine! I love it!! Now if only there was a machine to help reduce this cane!!
Judy K
April 25 2014
You’re welcome. You deserve them. I do a LOT of on-line shopping for my supplies and I so appreciate someone who takes the time to inform me of the status of my order. You know what customer service is like these days…so impersonal, or canned, or standard formats. It’s nice to have a real person looking after me and as I said earlier, keeping me informed. If you’re not the manager or owner there, you should send this email to him/her to let them know you’re appreciated.
Thanks, Jeanne
D.R.E.A.M Machine
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November 16 2013
A couple weeks ago I visited the "new" Polymer Clay Express store in New Market. What an incredible experience. You have everything one would want for this art form and more displayed in a no nonsense, uncluttered cluttered way that makes one want to stay and explore for hours. I started to play with polymer a couple of years ago and got hooked. The only downside was the pasta machine I was using - no motor, hard to clean, rollers left black marks on my light colored clay, and too small for some projects, too big for others. I was getting very frustrated and then I made the best decision in my polymer clay journey - I bought your Dream Machine and shortly after the motor to go with it! It literally changed my whole experience. You did a wonderful job designing it. You resolved al my frustrations. It is so easy to use and clean. The length of the rollers, width adjusters and 10 thickness settings make the machine so versatile and easy to adapt to any project. I love the fact that you do not have to clamp it to the table when using the motor. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks for all your advice during my visit to your shop. It was a pleasure meeting you.
Helen R., Salisbury, MD

  November 9 2013
Dear Wilma and Staff,
Thank you so much for making Abigals birthday party so special.
All of the girls had a great time and loved the "pen project!"
You all put in so much effort and really made everything run so smoothly!
Thank you for all your hard work!
Abbey had a fantastic 10th Birthday
Kendra S., New Market MD

ArtWay EZ Jig - 1/8" Increments
  • ArtWay EZ Jig - 1/8" Increments
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November 8 2013

The Artway EZ jigs are truly amazing products that are designed and fabricated by the good folks at Polymer Clay Express.  I am a legally blind polymer artist.  Attaining equal cane slices is almost impossible for me due to my vision problems.  These jigs do an excellent job without distorting the cane.  I imagine that anyone who has problems keeping their hands steady could also benefit from this tool. 


In addition to stocking and selling great products, the people at Polymer Clay Express are more than willing to fabricate other size jigs for me.  I simply called Wilma [the designer] who told me that making a different size jig would be no problem.  She had me speak to Ryan, who was very happy to make a special sized jig for me. This kind of service is almost unheard of these days and I want Rob, Wilma and Ryan to know how much I appreciate them.   

Jan B., Michigan 

August 17 2013
Rob, I suffered no inconvenience at all.

In the many years I've ordered from PCE, there have been only a couple of problems.  You have always remedied them most promptly.  In addition to the high quality and wide variety of products from you, I know I can absolutely rely on you.  Thank you so much!